Donors and Certification Bodies

The initial capital investment for the certification programme is donor dependent. Agro Eco is acting on behalf of the groups until such a period that an association would emerge and the capacity of the Association will be developed well enough to take up its own responsibilitie. The project is securing the services of Control Union and AfriCert as an independent inspection and certification body. ProEco is researching into the profitability and productivity comparing conversional and organic produce in the sub-Sahara Africa. In Ghana, Atwima Mponuah District has been chosen for this research. Cocoa is the commodity for this data collection. Agro Eco Louis Bolk Institute chose Tano biakoye organic as the platform for the research. It has seventeen communities Certified as Organic/RA farmers and out of these seventeen, 5 communities have been selected for this research. They are: Tano Dumasi, Gyereso, Pasuro, Wurubegu and Anansu. A total of 933 farmers, made up of conversional and organic males and Females are involved in this research. One focal person each has been selected to help Enumerators identify each household in each community. Before registration and selection of farmers and focal persons, awareness creation was carried out in all five Communities. The focal objective of the qualitative study was to find out the main factors for productivity and Profitability of organic and conventional farming in order for the team to design a very good quantitative questionnaire. Present were Dr. Irene Egyir (Lead Researcher) Prof. Ofosu Budu (Co. researcher), Ms. Belinda Akoto (consultant) and Esther Agyekum representing Emelia Money from MOFA 8 farmers each made up of males and females were selected for the Interview in all five communities. Before the team visited these communities, the crew visited Armajaro a buying company in the district. The Mofa director and some input dealers in the district. The research would end in 2017.

Sales of certified Cocoa Beans

A well dried certified cocoa bean will be sold to the Armajaro Ghana Limited (AGL) with agents in all the villages. Representative of the farmers, facilitators and AGL will conduct quality checks on the certified cocoa beans for quality before the farmer sells his/her cocoa. Every quantity of Cocoa sold will be recorded in the pass book of the farmer and the ICS cocoa sales form by the designated officer.

Quality check of certified Cocoa Beans

Post harvest quality of the ORG./RA certified cocoa beans shall be inspected by the Quality Control Company (QCC) to ensure that good quality cocoa beans are obtained before loading into containers.

Delivery of certified Cocoa Beans for Export

The Organic/RA certified cocoa beans shall be delivered to the Cocoa Marketing Company (CMC) which will be sold to the external certified cocoa bean buyer. CMC by law has the sole right and jurisdiction to externally sell cocoa. Therefore, CMC will be advised by AE-LBI and AGL to sell the Organic RA certified cocoa beans without compromising on the integrity and with strict adherence to the segregation requirement of the certifier. The sale structure of Organic/RA certified cocoa fits into the structure of CMC normal function

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