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The Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) has a mandate to encourage and facilitate the production, processing and marketing of premium quality cocoa, coffee and sheanut in all forms in all forms in the most efficient and cost effective manner and maintain the best industrial relations.

Cocoa Marketing Company

The Cocoa Marketing Company (Ghana) Limited (CMC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Ghana Cocoa Board and has the sole responsibility storage and sale of cocoa beans. They perform the external marketing functions of the Board and take-over functions with the internal marketing system.

Quality Control Company

QCC is responsible for maintaining the quality of cocoa and other exportable crops such as coffee and sheanut. To achieve its objective of ensuring the maintenance of the high quality of the country’s produce, various activities are carried out by the Division The operational staff inspects storage sheds and carry out the disinfestations of produce to ensure that only insect-free produce is exported. At the ports, every parcel of cocoa is fumigated to completely disinfest the produce before shipment. In addition to insect control activities, rodent control operations are also carried out by the Division on all storage premises to prevent rodent damage to produce in storage.

Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana

The Cocoa Research Institute (CRIG) of Ghana was established at Tafo (Akim Abuakwa) in June 1938 as the Central Cocoa Research Station of the Gold Coast Department of Agriculture on the recommendation of the Agricultural Adviser to the British Minister of State for the Colonies, Sir Frank Stockdale. At that time cocoa production in the Eastern Region, the cradle of the industry, was declining due to pests and disease outbreaks and the station was set up to investigate the problems and introduce control measures for cocoa diseases and Pests.


Cocoa health and extension division with COCOBOD carry out the Cocoa Pest and Disease Control Programme (CODAPEG) by distributing fungicides and pesticides to cocoa mass sprayers as well as supervising the spraying and distribution of the chemicals. They also collaborate with private organisations to carry out cocoa extension activities.

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